You can buy freely in the second half of this year?! Another version of Yeezy Boost 700 of Cream White is exposed!

Recently, editor has exposed you several versions of Yeezy series, and people couldn’t attend to all the rich colors. In this way, it seems that people can buy freely in the second half of this year for the Yeezy sneakers. Today, the well-known Instagram account –@scratchwear updates a Cream White version Yeezy Boost 700 on his main page. The sneaker is shown in the picture. This time, the white is chosen as main color. The orange decorations in the big shoe sole make it more fashionable. The whole sneaker looks pretty. It can be regarded as a must in the matching sneakers. For now, there are only exposed pictures. However, it is not confirmed on the detailed release information of Yeezy Boost 700. Those who are interested can follow up on our continuous reports.

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